Host Family Opportunity for Next Year

Have a spare bedroom? Or can you create one for a few months?


Interested in getting to know a German university student and sharing your family culture? Want to inspire your kids to speak more German? Love to show off Alaska to visitors? Want to make a lifelong friend and a handy contact for a future trip to Germany?


We need to line up host families far in advance in order to guarantee that we have places for the interns to stay, before we invite them to come all the way to Alaska. The usual length of time is one semester, but a minimum of eight weeks is required. We already have several applicants waiting to find out if they will be accepted into our program, so we're eager to find host families right now!


Please contact Ann Weese at<> to find out more about hosting an Amity International intern teacher next year. We need to identify our host families as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate or you might miss your opportunity to host!