Guest Teacher Host Family Opportunity for Next Year

We are recruiting host families NOW for the upcoming 2018-19 school year.


Do you have a spare bedroom? Or can you create one for a few months?  Are you interested in getting to know a German university student and sharing your family culture? Do you want to inspire your kids to speak more German? Love to show off Alaska to visitors? Want to make a lifelong friend and a handy contact for a future trip to Germany? 

We need to line up host families far in advance in order to guarantee that we have places for the guest teachers to stay, before we invite them to come all the way to Alaska. The usual length of time is one semester, but a minimum of eight weeks is required.  

Please contact Ann Weese at to find out more about hosting an Amity International intern teacher next year.  We need to identify our host families as soon as possible, so don’t hesitate or you might miss your opportunity to host!


General information about hosting:

Room and Board: Host families provide room and board for the intern while they are living in their home.  This includes normal groceries and, for example, if you go out to dinner as a family you would pay for the intern's dinner along with the rest of your family.  It would not include the interns' food or beer budget for when they go out with their friends, or if the intern requires food outside of what you normally eat as a family.  

The intern's bedroom must be private, with a door that locks.  They can share a bathroom with other family members.

Your home needs to be reasonably clean and cared for.  This does not mean that there is never a toy out of place, but that an effort is made to keep the house clean and orderly; that chores and keeping up with the dishes, pets, and laundry are part of the family routine.  We have found that it is difficult for most of our interns to adjust to a very disorderly or messy home.  Again, your house does not need to be a museum, but it does need to be clean enough to be a welcoming and comfortable environment for a long-term guest.


Transportation: the host family provides rides to and from school.  If your kids do after school clubs and don't get picked up by you at 3, we can usually work out another ride home for the intern from another Rilke family.  The host parents should plan on helping the intern get around town too.  If you live near public transportation, help them get used to our bus system.  If you don't, then please be ready to help them with things like rides to the mall or to spend time with friends.  


How long: Our interns usually stay for one semester, sometimes slightly longer, like August to February.  The minimum commitment for hosting is 8 weeks, but usually the families host for the full semester.


Who are the interns? The interns are German, Austrian or Swiss university students coming to work as guest teachers at our school.  They are usually between 22 and 26 years old.  They sign up for the Amity program in part because they are looking for a host family experience, rather than a traditional university exchange where you live in the dorms.  Host family experiences offer the chance for true cultural exchange and getting to know a person/family beyond stereotypes.  It's a wonderful experience for the entire family.  It also offers the interns a chance to use and learn authentic American English. We have both male and female guest teachers, and all are non-smokers, and all have completed a screening process which includes interviews, background checks and written references.

Currently we expect to have about 10 interns for the school year, 5 per semester. That means we need 10 host families, too.  If you'd like to host, or have questions about the process, the first step is to contact Ann Weese at  Ann will provide you with more information and an application form.