Academic Policy Committee elections are coming soon!

Four seats on the Academic Policy Committee (APC - the governing board of Rilke Schule) will become open


and will be filled at our annual election on Thursday, February 16, 2017. This is an excellent way to get involved in our fantastic school.

For more information about the responsibilities and expectations of an APC board member are, please see the description below. It is intended to give potential candidates an idea of what is expected, but it is not complete.

Attendance at all scheduled APC meetings (once or twice per month, sometimes more frequently). Meetings last approximately two and a half hours, but sometimes last longer. Members are expected to participate in APC committee work, and should be prepared to discuss and keep confidential matters related to budgets, facilities, personnel, and other issues that arise. APC members should be willing to listen and consider a variety of opinions and ideas as a representative of the school community. Members should be willing to vote and defend their considered opinions. The Rilke Schule APC is a public board and is subject to state laws regarding public meetings and votes. Previous public board experience is extremely helpful, as is a background in accounting, finance and/or grant writing.

Read the following for more APC Election Information.