School Building Project

Rilke Schule has built a new facility to house our growing student body. The following documents from that process have been made available by the APC and school administration. Please direct questions to


The following documents are provided from the APC Town Hall meeting on December 19, 2014:


Excel file downloads:

The presentation given by the APC at the Building Project meeting on October 16th is now available in pdf form at this link.


The APC has compiled a set of questions and answers regarding the new building project, many of which were unable to be addressed during the meeting due to time constraints. Click here to read the questions submitted at the October 16th meeting, and the answers submitted by the APC.


Building Task Force

The Rilke Schule Building Task Force is the committee dedicated to providing a new school building for Rilke Schule. It is comprised of representatives from the APC, RSV, RSI, and the Faculty, as well as Principal Ball.


Meeting Minutes